About Us

Troy Jessee Construction

With 30 years of experience in the industry, Troy Jessee Construction has succeeded in building a reputation of quality and craftsmanship in both commercial and residential construction. Our determination to invest in our people, a commitment to excellence, and our care for design have been the keys to success for the past three decades and they remain our foundation for years to come.

Troy Jessee Construction has performed commercial construction throughout the city of San Antonio for as long as we have been in business. We have grown an experienced team and have developed a deep understanding of the local workforce. We also have grown deep ties with the subcontractor community; we view our subcontractors as partners when approaching a project, which leads to better project planning and execution resulting in fewer surprises. This allows us to achieve a high degree of success on our projects.

Unique in today’s construction industry, we employ a strong base of carpenters and craftsmen to ensure flexibility and cost efficiency on our projects. This allows for increased control in quality and craftsmanship as well as the ability to perform unique services for our clients.

Above all, Troy Jessee Construction sustains long-term client relationships because of our dedication and performance on all of our projects.


About Troy

After graduating from Texas A&M in 1982, Troy Jessee returned to his native San Antonio, where he went to work for a large commercial and residential development firm. Over the next seven years, he learned the industry’s details, ranging from industrial development and commercial office building construction to interior finish-out and subdivision development.

After earning an MBA at UTSA, Troy founded Troy Jessee Construction, initially working from his home office. He brought his knowledge of the craft, commitment to excellence, and client-focus to commercial interior finish-outs for developers and notable architects.

The years since have brought changes to San Antonio – and to Troy Jessee Construction. In 1999, Troy and his staff moved into their current location on Josephine Street, and they have since deepened their emphasis on high-quality commercial and residential construction, with a special attention to the client’s needs.

But many things have not changed. Since the beginning, Troy has believed that investing in the right people and the best equipment pays off in the long run. The years have proven him right, with a track record of on-budget projects and delighted clients. An emphasis on long-term relationships, coupled with an ethic that treats everyone with the highest degree of respect, has created not only beautiful construction but also bonds that enrich the community.

My wife Rachel and I are so thankful for the incredible staff we’ve been fortunate to have. They show a commitment to doing business in ways that honor our faith in God while making a difference to our company and our customers. We look forward to the chance to work side by side with you someday soon.