• Newberry Terrace :: Front 1
  • Newberry Terrace :: Rear 1
  • Newberry Terrace :: Kitchen
  • Newberry Terrace :: Stairway 1
  • Newberry Terrace :: Stairway 2


Size: 1800 sq. ft.

Architect: Paul Franklin

Year Completed: 2012


We remodeled this ranch home to include a number of charming custom features. To respond to the owners’ needs, we transformed a room into an art studio (with cork paneling and generous vertical storage space) that easily converts into a guest room with retractable beds. A beautiful glass tile mosaic in the master bath, custom shelving in the library, and a 215 square foot covered porch that overlooks berm-and-swale landscaping add to this home’s appeal.


2012 Featured Home, American Institute of Architects San Antonio Homes Tour

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